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Dragon Pump by Red Dragon Nutritionals

40 Serves

Dragon Pump is your one stop shop for pre-workout without the caffeine, featuring Citrulline and Betaine for muscle pump, power and endurance, along with a high dose of Pink Himalayan Salt and Potassium to aid in cell hydration. Dragon Pump also provides Tyrosine, Alpha GPC and a spectrum of B-Vitamins to aid in mental clarity and focus, without the increase in heart rate or blood pressure that caffeine provides. Dragon Pump is also available in an unflavoured variation, so you can enhance your favourite pre-workout without affecting the flavour!

Dragon Pump Key Features

  • No Beta Alanine or Creatine, so completely stackable with your favourite pre-workout
  • Tyrosine and Alpha GPC to aid in mental clarity and focus
  • Pink Himalayan Salt and Potassium Citrate to aid in cell hydration

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