Red Dragon Nutritionals Greens: Gut + Immunity

In the vibrant pace of life across Australia, from morning commutes to evening relaxation, maintaining optimal health is essential. Our Greens powder is tailored for this dynamic lifestyle, offering a trusted solution for gut health and robust immunity.

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Six Main Categories:

Our Greens: Gut + Immunity is meticulously formulated into six main categories to ensure comprehensive health benefits:

  1. Gut Repair Blend: Supports the maintenance of a healthy gut lining.
  2. Super Green Whole Food Blend: Provides dense sources of vitamins and minerals from whole foods.
  3. Reds and Blues Antioxidants + Fruits Blend: Packed with antioxidants to combat free radicals and reduce oxidative stress.
  4. Immune Support Blend: Potent herbs and nutrients to support your immune system.
  5. Pre + Probiotic + Fibre Blend: Maintains gut flora balance and supports healthy digestion.
  6. Digestive Enzyme Blend: Aids in the efficient breakdown and absorption of nutrients

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Benefits of Key Ingredients:

  • Fermented Glutamine: Supports intestinal health and promotes optimal digestion, ensuring your gut flora remains balanced and healthy.
  • Larch Arabinogalactan: A fermentable fibre that supports gut health and digestion .
  • LactoSpore and Digezyme: These probiotics and digestive enzymes work together to support the digestive process and nutrient absorption. 

Immune System Fortification:

In a country as diverse and active as Australia, a strong immune system is crucial. Our Greens are enriched with:

  • Echinacea: Known for its immune-supporting properties, it can support a healthy immune system function. 
  • Picorrhiza: A potent herb traditionally used to support liver health and immune function.
  • CellCharge: Provides essential micronutrients that play a vital role in maintaining a healthy immune system.

Comprehensive Nutrient Support:

To ensure you get all the essential vitamins and nutrients, our formula includes:

  • Whole Food Greens: These greens provide a dense source of vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed by the body.
  • Antioxidant Reds & Blues: Packed with antioxidants, these ingredients help fight free radicals and reduce oxidative stress, supporting overall health.

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Free from Artificial Additives:

A standout feature of our Greens: Gut + Immunity is that it is completely free from artificial flavours, sweeteners, and colours.

  • Why It Matters: Artificial additives can sometimes cause adverse reactions and are often linked to various health concerns. By eliminating these, we ensure that our product is as natural and clean as possible.
  • Pure Ingredients: Our commitment to purity means you get only the best, most effective ingredients without any unnecessary additives.
  • Taste and Quality: Despite being free from artificial sweeteners and flavours, our Greens taste great and maintain the highest quality, giving you a pleasant and effective supplement experience.

Available Sizes and Flavours:

To cater to your needs, our Greens: Gut + Immunity comes in three convenient serving options:

  • 15 servings
  • 30 servings
  • 60 servings

And to make your daily health routine even more enjoyable, choose from these six delicious flavours:

  • Wild Raspberry
  • Breakfast Juice
  • Granny Smith Apple
  • Blackcurrant
  • Strawberry Kiwi
  • White Lychee

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Perfect for the Australian Lifestyle:

Whether you’re navigating busy city streets, enjoying the great outdoors, or simply relaxing at home, our best tasting greens powder is your perfect health companion. Formulated to support your gut health and immune system, it ensures you stay vibrant and healthy every day.

Choose Greens: Gut + Immunity and experience the difference in your daily wellness.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What are the main benefits of Red Dragon Nutritionals Greens: Gut + Immunity?

Our Greens powder provides comprehensive health benefits through six main categories: Gut Repair Blend, Super Green Whole Food Blend, Reds and Blues Antioxidants + Fruits Blend, Immune Support Blend, Pre + Probiotic + Fibre Blend, and Digestive Enzyme Blend. These blends support gut health, immune function, and overall wellness.

Q2: What key ingredients are included in Red Dragon Nutritionals Greens: Gut + Immunity?

Key ingredients include Fermented Glutamine for gut health, Larch Arabinogalactan for gut health, and LactoSpore and Digezyme for digestion. Additionally, it contains Echinacea, Picorrhiza, and CellCharge to fortify the immune system.

Q3: Are there any artificial additives in the Greens: Gut + Immunity formula?

No, our Greens powder is completely free from artificial flavours, sweeteners, and colors. We prioritize purity to ensure you receive only the most effective and natural ingredients.

Q4: What flavours and serving sizes are available for Greens: Gut + Immunity?

Our Greens powder is available in three serving sizes: 15, 30, and 60 servings. You can choose from six delicious flavours: Wild Raspberry, Breakfast Juice, Granny Smith Apple, Apple Blackcurrant, Strawberry Kiwi, and White Lychee.

Q5: How come my Greens product has a more bitter taste than my last tube?

Great question! Since our Greens powder is 100% natural and free from artificial additives, you might notice slight variations in taste from time to time. These differences are due to natural seasonal variations in our ingredients. While some people might detect a more bitter taste occasionally, rest assured that the quality and effectiveness of our product remain consistent. We’re committed to providing you with the best, most natural supplement experience possible!

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