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Dragon Fuel EAA + Electrolytes

Dragon Fuel EAA + Electrolytes by Red Dragon Nutritionals

When you hit the gym hard, you will experience an amount of nutrient depletion out of your body. When paired with calorie restriction especially, you may experience muscle wastage and a lack of hydration. This is where Dragon Fuel by Red Dragon Nutritionals comes to save the day! It’s carefully designed for your essential amino acid needs, every single day. With an added hydration formula, you can make sure you feel great while you’re crushing your workouts.

By using the Dragon Fuel by Red Dragon Nutritionals, you’ll experience:
  • Prevention of the breakdown of hard-won muscle
  • Exercise recovery support
  • Greater energy to smash your workouts
  • Better muscle recovery to come back stronger every time
  • Assistance for muscle gain over the long term
  • The replenishment of electrolytes lost during sweat and training
  • A delicious formula to enjoy any time!

When you want your body to be at its best, support it with an advanced formula like Dragon Fuel by Red Dragon Nutritionals today. Training hard isn’t complete without the right nutrition and supplementation regime. All you need to do is take a full scoop, mix it with 600ml of cold water and sip during your training. You can also have it between meals or any time of the day to help with recovery and hydration!