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The Ultimate Gut Health Stack! 

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Greens: Gut + Immunity - Sydney's Natural Defence by Red Dragon Nutritionals

For the bustling life of a Sydneysider, from the morning rush at Circular Quay to evening yoga at Coogee Beach, we understand the need for optimum health. That's where our Greens step in. They're not just any greens; they're Sydney's secret to a thriving gut and robust immunity.

Experience the synergy of our meticulously chosen ingredients: fermented Glutamine, Larch Arabinogalactan, and the transformative LactoSpore and Digezyme. These aren't just names; they're your ticket to a balanced gut flora and a resilient digestive system.

But, in a city that never slows, immune support is paramount. With potent additions like Echinacea, Picorrhiza, and CellCharge, our Greens ensure your immunity stays as lively and active.

Rounding it off, our Whole Food Greens and Antioxidant Reds work harmoniously to supplement any key vitamins and nutrients that might skip your plate amidst the Sydney hustle.

Arm yourself with Greens: Gut + Immunity.


Pure L-Glutamine - not just your average amino acid, this incredible compound is a fundamental building block of protein. Our bodies produce it naturally, but it can also be absorbed through dietary supplementation. 

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