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Delicious High-Protein Smoothie Recipe – Perfect for Post-Workout Nutrition

Delicious High-Protein Smoothie Recipe – Perfect for Post-Workout Nutrition

Are you looking for a nutritious and delicious way to fuel your body after a workout or as a quick breakfast? Look no further! Our high-protein smoothie is not only mouth-wateringly good but also packs a whopping 25 grams of protein to support your fitness goals. This smoothie is ideal for a post-workout refreshment or as a convenient on-the-go breakfast or mid-morning snack.

Why High-Protein Smoothies?

Before diving into the recipe, let's talk about the importance of protein in your diet, especially if you're active. Protein is essential for muscle repair and growth, making it a crucial nutrient for fitness enthusiasts and athletes. Incorporating a high-protein smoothie into your diet is an easy and delicious way to ensure you're meeting your protein needs.


  • 🍌1 Frozen Banana: For natural sweetness and a creamy texture.
  • 🥤1 Scoop of Dragon Whey Vanilla Protein: A high-quality protein source to aid muscle recovery.
  • 🍪1 tbsp Biscoff Spread: Adds a unique, indulgent flavor.
  • 1 tsp Cinnamon: For an aromatic kick.
  • 🥛200ml Milk of Choice (Almond Milk is used in this video)
  • 🧊Ice: For that perfect chill.


  1. Blend Ingredients: Combine the frozen banana, WPI Dragon Whey Vanilla Protein, Biscoff spread, cinnamon, milk, and ice in a blender. Blend until the mixture is thick and creamy.
  2. Biscoff Drizzle: Melt some Biscoff spread in the microwave and drizzle it around the rim of your serving glass for an extra touch of flavor and elegance.
  3. Serve and Enjoy: Pour the smoothie into the prepared glass and savor this delightful blend of flavors.

Why Opt for Dragon Whey in Your Smoothie?

When it comes to nutrition, our smoothie stands out with the inclusion of Dragon Whey protein. Not just a delightful treat, our smoothie is a nutritional powerhouse designed to support your active lifestyle.

  • Swift Absorption: The Dragon Whey protein is a predominantly WPI (Whey Protein Isolate) blend, renowned for its fast absorption. This means your body gets the protein it needs more quickly, which is especially beneficial after a workout when your muscles are eager for repair and growth.

  • Digestion-Friendly: We understand that protein powders can sometimes be tough on the stomach. That's why our smoothie includes Dragon Whey with added digestive enzymes. These enzymes facilitate the breakdown and absorption of protein, ensuring your body can easily assimilate the nutrients without discomfort.

  • Enhanced Recovery: With 4.6g of naturally occurring L-Glutamine per serving, Dragon Whey provides an extra boost for muscle recovery. L-Glutamine is an amino acid that helps in repairing and building muscle tissue, making this smoothie a smart choice for recovery after exertion.

Red Dragon Dragon Whey


Incorporating Dragon Whey into our smoothie not only adds a creamy, rich texture and a dash of vanilla flavor but also ensures you're getting a high-quality protein that's low in lactose and designed to support your digestive health and muscle recovery. It's quick to make, easy to digest, and versatile enough to fit into any diet. Make your smoothie with Dragon Whey, and take a step towards a healthier, stronger you.

Embrace Your Health with Every Sip!

As we've blended our way through the delightful tastes and nutritional benefits of our high-protein smoothie, it's clear that this isn't just a beverage—it's a step towards embracing a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle. Whether you're cooling down after a sweat session or looking for a nutritious kick-start to your day, our smoothie with the powerhouse of Dragon Whey is your perfect companion.

Don’t forget, this recipe is just the beginning! You can always tweak and transform it to suit your taste buds and nutritional needs. The kitchen is your playground, and Dragon Whey is your foundation for countless smoothie adventures.

We'd love to hear from you! Try out this recipe, play with the ingredients, and share your masterpiece with us. Are there any special touches you added? Any surprising twists? Let us know in the comments or tag us on social media – we're excited to see the delicious variations you whip up!

 Blend, pour, sip, and enjoy – your body will thank you!

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